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Hmm... not to barge in full Grinch, but let's take a moment. 

Kids - how do we approach the whole Vegan topic with them? Do we at all?

Do we grunt awkwardly and 3x-twirl away if faced with the resounding "Why don't you eat chicken?" question from their tiny little, vastly ignorant voices...?

Leave it up to the parents (*pfff, sighh, puff of air), or is speaking the truth, in a modified dosage, fair play?

It's one thing when an adult is confronted by potentially divisive points... but we know children, vulnerable, basic in their convictions, deserve measured care and thought, and optimism. 

I found that giving a baseline of why I don't consume animal products (I don't want animals to suffer) followed only with the really positive experience of being vegan - how tasty the food can be, how strong I can be being plant-based, letting them help me cook and try their debut creations, how easy it is to replace with vegan options at the store, how accessible and clean my shampoo, jacket, belt and nail polish products are, how happy I am with my decisions and how cool it is to care ---- kids will learn it all. 

Maybe without much stated consideration, throughout the process they'll be making comparisons, thinking critically, making decisions of their own. Their inner peace no doubt far less mangled then us adults may make the road to a lifestyle inflicting-harm free an easier, unobstructed one. 


What are your thoughts? Trip to Chuck-E Cheeze with emphasis on a dairy-free menu? 

Lead by example? Answer our babies' questions, and how? 

I think having these types of interactions with kids about Veganism can have a positive impact. Do you? 






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