Raw or Nah?

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This must be healthy, right? Mac N cheeZzzzze , cus it's Vegan????..... 

Ugh, put the Mac n cheeze down, ... We're not saying vegans are smarter... 

No, let's get focused. It's a misconception that's egregiously common. Relating the "Vegan" label to the summit of good health practice. 

Compared to throwing back oil from a glass - yeah, Vegan is healthier
Compared to consumption of meat regularly and highly processed - yeah, you're good, it's healthier - although the margin has decreased.  

But the Vegan food category covers an entire spectrum of foods, including some of my faves - desserts and junk foods. Tacking on cup fulls of sugar every day isn't nutritionally beneficial just because it's dairy free. You see what I'm getting at. 

There is a conscious approach required to eating healthy on a Vegan diet- one diet in particular that Vegans discuss in many of their secret meetings is known as the "Raw Vegan" diet. 

Simply put, this means your foods are not cooked above a certain temp (staying below 104–118°F to be exact). No bread to go with that Mac, say goodbye to that Gardein Southwestern rice bowl! 

Foods left in their raw form are said to provide nutrients at their highest quality therefore having optimal positive impact on your health. Studies cited in Healthline's article on raw veganism links the diet to aiding in weight loss, improving digestion and symptoms of IBS, and even lowering the risk of Type II diabetes. 

The article also lays out potential cons of going raw, important aspects to not overlook, including imbalanced nutrition, and even provides a sample menu to try out.  

Generally seen as the pinnacle of wellness, the raw constituents glimmer with admiration, and honestly, probably will be the ones they take to the moon when the planet goes to heck. ....

So, what are you thoughts on eating Raw? Is it doable? Will the next generation significantly reap the benefits? 



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  • We have a loved family member who is vegan and has introduced us this lifestyle. While not totally on board, we are open to new ideas. This Christmas she introduced us to several vegan dishes that I have to say were quite tasty.

    Rick on

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