Veganism: Origin Story

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Story time!!!!

Always unique, and always has a happy ending --- it's personal for all us saints who made the switch : What made you go vegan? 

Abrupt witnessing of factory farming violence did it for me. It came about via a social media video, I was scrolling through my feed during my Paralegal work, as was ordinary, and BAM, the unadulterated, sheer horror of animal abuse beaming on my screen.  

I was naive. I was in disbelief, and mortified. This was happening, prevalently? Seriously, all the time, conventionally, how could it be? Sitting there, going through all the questions that disturbed my understanding of the world, the assumed order I came to associate as true, .... I swore off meat in the next few moments. The term now, "meat", is a distasteful euphemism. . .

What was happening, I knew wasn't right. I knew it was horrible and I had been numb to it. Conditioned. So disconnected, but that fragment of synergy made all the difference, my eyes were open. And there was a choice. 

It has been the very best decision I'm grateful to have found. Realizing I had to cease my part in causing the suffering of another. It took several months to stop completely - the shrimp, the cheese and all those you uncover in the ingredients and products you were so familiar with were the last to go...

And I learned and learned, kept realizing even more and saw an entirely new picture, which eventually led to a Vegan-centered business ;) My life has transformed, for the better of all. 


So, what's your story? What inspired the change to veganism? And if you're not vegan yet, what about it sparks your curiosity the most? We see you. . . 


<3 To all - VB Gloria  


"The first step you take in anything is the foundation. Repeat it and it will evolve." 



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