About Us

Vegan Babe launched in 2019 to help spread the message of veganism in a fashionable way. With what started from a box of 20 Vegan Babe shirts that were being sold at a vegan restaurant in Miami, Vegan Babe has now grown into a world wide lifestyle brand.

Nothing is cooler than being kind, to ALL kinds. Being vegan means you are kind to ALL: humans and animals. Vegan Babe is kind, empathetic, and not afraid to stand up for what’s right.

Every time you wear Vegan Babe you are showing the world what you stand for and plant a seed to those who say they are against animal abuse, yet pay for it with their fork. 

We do this for the animals, for our planet, and for our health. 

So let’s work together, choose peace, and inspire the world to make better choices.


Vegan Babe